Bokmannen (The book man)


Documentary, 15 min


Premiere: Dokfilm Volda, april 2015

NordicDocs Fredrikstad, may 2015

Protestfestivalen Kristiansand, sept 2015

DokumentArt Neubrandenburg, Germany, oct 2015

Jihlava IDFF, Chech Republic, oct 2015

West Nordic International Film Festival, Ålesund, oct 2015

Cinema Verité IFF, Teheran, Iran, dec 2015

Filmfest Dresden, Dresden, Germany, april 2016

Hayah 10th international film festival, Panama City, Panama, november 2016


"The book man" is both man and phenomena. He solves a Rubik´s cube in 34 seconds and reads a book in less than an hour. His self-built, labyrintic book shop in the small Norwegian town of Volda is getting denser and denser, as his collection of paper books grows. "The book man" is an experimental documentary, with elements of animation and psychedelic soundscapes, where we stay for a full week with the book man in his shop. Monday to Sunday - day by day, boredom builds up to extreme heights as words come together and worlds fall apart.



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