Den siste bohem

Den siste bohem (The last bohemian)


Documentary, 48 mins

With the support of Viken filmsenter, Fritt Ord, Kulturrådet and Fond for lyd og bilde




Premiere: Opening film, Dokfilm Volda, april 2014

NordicDocs Fredrikstad, may 2014

Main film, Hamsun-festivalen, Hamarøy, august 2014

Protestfestivalen, Kristiansand, august 2014

Kulturhuset, Oslo, october 2014

OIPF (Oslo international poetry festival), october 2015

Playroom festival, Oslo, february 2016

Oslo Poesifilm 2016, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, february 2016



The last bohemian is a portrait of the Jewish-Norwegian artist Øystein Wingaard Wolf, who lives a life where dream and risk reign freely over habit and security. He is a renowned author and singer who performs regularly and has a manic appetite for social life, art and beauty. He lives, financially and emotionally, from hand to mouth, 100% dedicated to his art. The last bohemian invites the viewer to indulge into a poetic and antroposophical travel where absolute madness meets the ultimate stance of childishly naïve, in a soul that is full of songs, poetry and women. Meet the last bohemian of Norway!



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